Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My dear friend Jane, the blogging queen, teased me about the fact that I've had one profile pic, my basic bio...then "nuthin' else" on my blog for some time now.
Jane Russell is a great writer, photographer and fairy maker.....
The bar is pretty high, chica...
Well gosh, I'm a busy girl...just trying to figure out how to make a living...(Still? Gad, some people are retiring at your age, Jude)
For artists, it's a never ending saga, work I do. It all takes time. Hmmm. Blog.
Ok, for starters I'll post a photo of the entrance to our "Say it with heART" show. Tell you about it later...That's all I'm doing today.
Still have to figure out how to get a photo right....uh, here. Hmmm again.

Now, if you don't hear from me for another month, know that besides sewing, taking care of Mom, being on art boards, etc. I do lotsa my networking on Facebook. That's where I seem to spend computer time.
After all, I can't imagine who might read my blog. I'm no writer. But I do have lotsa perty pics to show back in the future, won't you? Thanks!
Meanwhile :
I'm actually a pretty funny gal, so maybe I can throw in some of my goofy mirth, too... Bless your heart for checking in....